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The following Historic Buildings Technical Notes are available free of charge from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency:

NIEA Built Heritage
Waterman House
5-33 Hill Street
Tel: 028 9054 3145
Fax: 028 9054 3150

Email: bh@doeni.gov.uk
Web: www.doeni.gov.uk/niea

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)
37 Spital Square
E1 6DY
Tel: 020 7377 1644
Fax: 020 7247 5296

Email: info@spab.org.uk
Web: www.spab.org.uk 


Q&A 02 : Brickwork
Q&A 05 : Old Doors
Q&A 08 : Metal Windows
Q&A 10 : Maintenance 
Q&A 11 : Repointing
Q&A 14 : Lime 
Q&A 17 : Masonry Bees
Q&A 18 : Limewash
Q&A 19 : French Drains
Q&A 20 : Rising Damp
Q&A 23 : Decorative Leadwork  
Q&A 25 : Condensation
Q&A 29 : Thatched Roofs 
Q&A 30 : Lead Paint 
Q&A 32 : Tuck Pointing
Q&A 35 : Shingles
Q&A 36 : Pargeting
Q&A 37 : Timber Frames
Q&A 38 : Infill Panels
Q&A 40 : Electrical Installations     

Longmore House
Salisbury Place

Tel: 0131 668 8600
Fax: 0131 668 8669

A wealth of guidance is available through the Historic Scotland Technical Conservation 'Knowledge Base': http://conservation.historic-scotland.gov.uk/home/publications.htm including Inform Guides and Technical Advice notes, including:

TAN 1 Preparation and Use of Lime Mortars

TAN 2 Conservation of Plasterwork

TAN 4 Thatch and Thatching Techniques – A Guide to Conserving Scottish Thatching Traditions

TAN 7 Access to the Built Heritage

TAN 8 Guide to International Conservation Charters

TAN 9 Stonecleaning of Granite Buildings

TAN 15 External Lime Coatings on Traditional Buildings

TAN 18 The Treatment of Graffiti on Historic Surfaces

TAN 24 Environmental Control of dry rot

TAN 28 Maintenance and Repair of Cleaned Stone Buildings

TAN 31 Stone masonry materials and skills

A range of Technical Papers are available through their website: http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/index/heritage/technicalconservation/conservationpublications/technicalpapers.htm

Technical Conservation, Research and Education Publications

  • Dictionary of Scottish Building
  • A Future for Stone in Scotland
  • Stonecleaning: A Guide for Practitioners
  • Historic Scotland Traditional Materials Conference 1997
  • The Historic Scotland International Lime Conference 1995
  • The Repair of Historic Buildings in Scotland – Advice on Principles and Methods


Customer Services Department
PO Box 569

Tel: 0870 333 1181
Fax: 01793 414926
Email: customers@english-heritage.org.uk

English Heritage produce a large number of publications, all of which are described in their free Publication Catalogue.

The following are of particular relevance:

Practical building conservation

  • Stone masonry
  • Brick, terracotta and earth
  • Mortars, plasters and renders
  • Metals
  • Wood, glass and resins

Free Conservation Leaflets

English Heritage produce free leaflets on aspects of practical conservation, written for architects, planners, archaeologists and other professionals in the conservation field, as well as for a wider audience. These can be downloaded from their web-site.

Conservation Bulletin is published three times a year and is available free to those actively involved in conservation. (The information refers specifically to England and not to Northern Ireland)


The Georgian Group

6 Fitzroy Square, London, W1P 6DX

Tel: 020 7529 8920 Fax: 020 7529 8939

Email: office@georgiangroup.org.uk



The Victorian Society

1 Priory Gardens,  Bedford Park, London W4 1TT

Tel: 020 8994 1019 Fax: 020 8747 5899

Email: admin@victorian-society.org.uk www.victorian-society.org.uk

Care for Victorian and Edwardian Houses

A series of illustrated A4 booklets which explain how to care for Victorian and Edwardian houses.


Contact UAHS
The Old Museum Building
7 College Square North

T 028 9055 0213   
E info@uahs.org.uk

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