Regular Maintenance Checks


  • Roofs – check for slipped, cracked or missing slates and ridge tiles, decayed flashings and dislodged chimney pots and copings.
  • Rainwater disposal – check for holes in, and misalignment of, gutters and downpipes; and evidence of blockages, including drains.
  • Walls – watch for new bulging or cracking of masonry; deterioration of brick or stone surfaces; cracking or detachment of render; excessive erosion of mortar joints; and control the spread of plant growth into, or at the base of, walls.
  • Joinery and paintwork – check for flaking paint and cracking timber to doors, windows, bargeboards etc.
  • Windows – look for damage to panes, and for cracked putty.


  • Roofspace – look for evidence of water penetration.
  • Walls and ceilings – check plaster for damp or deteriorating patches and for the efflorescence of salts. These may indicate damp problems requiring investigation.
  • Timbers and joinery – look for evidence of fungal growth on, or connected with, timber. A mouldy smell may indicate decay, as in some circumstances may springy timber floors. As fungal attack is most likely in dark, poorly ventilated areas, check cupboards and under stair areas, etc. Also, look for evidence of new beetle attack such as frass: adult beetles usually emerge from timber between May and August.
  • Pipework – check water and heating pipes (particularly in areas not normally seen) for evidence of leaking joints.

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